Trade associations
Major trade associations

ABAI – Brazilian Association for Business Management Education (external link)
ABAL – Brazilian Aluminum Association (external link)
ABC – Brazilian Ceramics Association (external link)
ABCE – Brazilian Association of Engineering Consultants (external link)
ABCP – Brazilian Portland Cement Association (external link)
ABDIB – Brazilian Infrastructure and Basic Industry Association (external link)
ABEQ – Brazilian Chemical Engineering Association (external link)
ABESC – Brazilian Association of Concrete Services Companies (external link)
ABIA – Brazilian Association of Food Industries (external link)
ABIARB – Brazilian Association of the Rubber Artifacts Industry (external link)
ABIC – Brazilian Coffee Industry Association (external link)
Abicalçados – Brazilian Footwear Industry Association (external link)
ABIEC – Brazilian Association of Meat Exporting Industries (external link)
ABIFA – Brazilian Casting Industry Association (external link)
ABIFINA – Brazilian Fine Chemicals, Biotechnology and Specialty Industries Association (external link)
ABIFRA – Brazilian Essential Oils, Aromatic Chemical Products, Fragrances, and Aromas Industries Association (external link)
ABIGRAF – Brazilian Printing Industry Association (external link)
ABIH – Brazilian Hotel Industry Association (external link)
ABIMA – Brazilian Pasta Industry Association (external link)
ABIMAQ – Brazilian Machines and Equipment Industry Association (external link)
Abimovel – Brazilian Furniture Industries Association (external link)
ABINAM – Brazilian Mineral Water Industry Association (external link)
ABINEE – Brazilian Electric and Electronic Industry Association (external link)
ABIOVE – Brazilian Vegetable Oils Industry Association (external link)
ABIPECS – Brazilian Pork Producers and Exporters Association (external link)
ABIPLAST – Brazilian Plastics Industry Association (external link)
ABIQUIM – Brazilian Chemical Industry Association (external link)
ABIT – Brazilian Textile Industry Association (external link)
ABITAM – Brazilian Metal Tubes and Accessories Industry Association (external link)
ABITRIGO – Brazilian Wheat Industry Association (external link)
ABIVIDRO – Brazilian Automated Glass Industry Technical Association (external link)
ABM – Brazilian Metallurgy and Metals Association (external link)
ABPol – Brazilian Polymers Association (external link)
ABRADEE – Brazilian Association of Electric Power Distribution Companies (external link)
ABRAEC – Brazilian International Express Freight Transport Companies Association (external link)
ABRAFAS – Brazilian Association of Producers of Artificial and Synthetic Fibers (external link)
ABRAFATI – Brazilian Paint Manufacturers Association (external link)
ABRASCE – Brazilian Association of Shopping Centers (external link)
ABRATI – Brazilian Association of Terrestrial Passenger Transport Companies (external link)
ABRAVA – Brazilian Refrigeration, Air-conditioning, Ventilation, and Heating Association (external link)
ABRAVEST – Brazilian Clothing Association (external link)
ABRAVIDRO – National Association of Float Glass Suppliers and Processing Companies (external link)
ABRE – Brazilian Packaging Association (external link)
ABRETI – Brazilian International Transport Companies Association (external link)
ABTCP – Brazilian Pulp and Paper Association (external link)
ABTI – Brazilian International Carriers Association (external link)
ANDA – National Association for the Diffusion of Fertilizers (external link)
Anfacer – National Association of Manufacturers of Ceramic Coverings (external link)
ANFAVEA – National Association of Automotive Vehicle Manufacturers (external link)
ANICER – National Ceramics Industry Association (external link)
ASSESPRO – Association of Brazilian Software and IT Services Companies (external link)
Associquim - Brazilian Chemical Products Trade Association (external link)
ASSOCITRUS – Brazilian Association of Citrus Farmers (external link)
BRACELPA - Brazilian Pulp and Paper Association (external link)
CBIC – Brazilian Construction Industry Chamber (external link)
CNI – National Confederation of Industry (external link)
ONIP – National Petroleum Industry Organization (external link)
SICETEL – National Union of Ferrous Metal Stretching and Rolling Industries (external link)
SINDIBOR – Union of the Rubber Artifacts Industries in the State of São Paulo (external link)
SINDIPEÇAS - National Union of Automobile Component Industries (external link)
SINDRATAR-RJ – Union of the Refrigeration, Heating, and Air Treatment Industries of the State of Rio de Janeiro (external link)
SINDUSCON-RIO – Union of the Civil Construction Industry of the State of Rio de Janeiro (external link)
SindusCon-SP – Union of the Civil Construction Industry of the State of São Paulo (external link)
SIRESP – Union of Plastic Resins Industries (external link)
SITIVESP – Union of Paint and Varnish Industries of the State of São Paulo (external link)
UBRAFE - Brazilian Union of Fair Promoters (external link)