National Investment Information Network

RENAI, the National Investment Information Network, connects businesses worldwide with investment opportunities in Brazil.

The Network provides investors information they need to make intelligent business decisions, encourages and facilitates their investments, and strengthens Brazilian federal and state support for foreign-investment initiatives. RENAI organizes international seminars and workshops to support potential investors, maintaining a website with comprehensive information on project announcements and investment opportunities across Brazil. 

RENAI´s team also helps foreign investors turn opportunity into reality, sharing their proposals with relevant government agencies and private-sector partners, identifying local incentive programs and assisting in legal matters.

Contact RENAI:

RENAI – the National Investment Information Network
Phone: (55 61) 2027-7055
Fax: (55 61) 2027-7047

Ministry of Development, Industry and Foreign Trade (Portuguese only).
Secretary of Production Development – SDP
Esplanada dos Ministérios, Bloco "J", 5º andar, sala 507
CEP 70053-900 – Brasília – DF

More information on the National Investment Information Network (external link).